The iPhone and its technology is turning 10 years old!

Hand holding an iPhone technology with a blurred city skyline in the background
The iPhone and its technology is turning 10 years old !

it’s got us thinking about its effect on advertising?

There are over 2 billion smartphone users worldwide, with 2.2 million apps in the Apple Store.

They are now considered a necessity in many businesses to successfully provide a product or a service to its customers.

Digital advertising spend is at an all time high of over $140 billion, up from just under $2 billion 10 years ago. That’s a financial growth worth talking about!

With consumers looking for easy to use, interesting and seamless content purely on their mobile phones, it’s not unrealistic to believe this is the future of advertising.

So if a business or organisation wants to succeed, it needs to make sure it has a solid digital advertising strategy in place to get their product and/or service in front of their target market.

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Author – Lindsey Ahmet

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