A good old re-enacted family photo! 

siblings as young children in red and blue with white tops on a bed, below the same siblings in the same position but as adultsWe all love to reminisce, looking back at old photos and this new craze makes it that bit more fun!

We have gathered 9 more of our favourites for you, send yours to brandcreategroup@gmail.com and we will feature them!


Two siblings buried in the sand with just heads out as kids. Right photo same but as adults


five siblings in the shower for a funny family photo to the left the same siblings as adults


baby boy with bunny ears and a pink bib on, same baby but as an adult man in the same outfit


three brothers on each others knees and same again to the left but as adults


toddler boy with his top pulled up and over his head exposing his belly


a mother holding her baby boy in the centre with her two older sons either side


four brothers in the bath pulling faces


3 siblings with their father in the middle all pulling funny faces


a baby in a yellow top

Author – Lindsey Ahmet

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