Editors Weekly pick – Top 3 Illustrations 

A great selection this week for our Editors weekly pick. This week focusing on illustrations that you will want to feast your eyes on!

1. Ben the Illustrator – he explains that he saw a mellow old couple from a window. We love the vibrant use of colour and geometry shapes in his work.

Take a look at his amazing Instagram @benillustrator

Geometric shapes and vibrant yellows and greens in an illustration that is a Birdseye view of an old couple sitting on a bench

2. Kerrie Hess Illustrator – This piece is called Melbourne, created for maison la duree. Exquisite work and her portfolio is magnificent.

Take a look on Instagram, @kerriehessillustration

A Paris inspired illustration in pale pinks. I stylish woman holding shopping bags with a Dalmatian sat to her left.

3. PEZ – His concept to artwork is beyond imaginative and so deep and meaningful.

His portfolio is not worth missing out on! @pezartwork, go take a look!

Handle with care - a sitting bear pencil and paint illustration with a torn withered bear with a ream of handle with care tape around his body
Editors weekly pick is back next week, focusing on photography, we cannot wait to pick out our favourites for you!

Author – Lindsey Ahmet

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