Editors Weekly pick – Top 3 Photographs

A great selection this week for our Editors weekly pick. This week focusing on Photographs and Photographers you will envy for their pure talent!

1. Alan Mcfadyen – he spent years trying to capture images of a kingfisher in action, diving and flying near water. We say he smashed it wouldn’t you?!

Take a look at his amazing Instagram @alanmcfadyen and his website, scottishphotographyhides

A kingfisher bird flying and getting ready to dive into water

2. Jordan Hammond – This image is called “Hong Kong Concrete Jungle”. It creates a very urgent sense of claustrophobia and a feeling of closing in.

Take a look on Instagram, @jordhammond.

a mass of concrete apartments in Hong Kong

3. Sweet Paper Media – is a San Diego wedding photographer and one of their images in particular caught our eye and we feel it captures so much meaning in the current day when discrimination is still rife.

This portfolio is not worth missing out on! @sweetpapermedia on Instagram.

a Happy couple in an intense moment on their wedding day. photo named Mrs and Mrs

Editors weekly pick is back next week, focusing on logo design, we cannot wait to pick out our favourites for you!

Author – Lindsey Ahmet

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