How to Break out of a Creative Block

designer sat at desk with creative block

We all get stuck with Creative Block from time to time.

Whether we are writers, painters, photographers, graphic designers or one of the many other creatives, there are periods of time where we feel like our minds suddenly flushed away all our ideas.

In our very digitally orientated world, it is very easy for your mind to start filling up with hack ideas for your home. Or decorating ideas you have ‘pinned’ on Pinterest. Or even the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West third baby announcement!

Now some of the following may seem very obvious, we have put together a few tips we would like to share to help get your creative juices flowing again!

1. Move away from your computer!

creative block at the computer

If your main process for design is done on your PC or laptop/Mac, chances are you spend very little time away from your technology.

At university our lecturers were always repeatedly telling us to take time away from the screen, grab some food or visit the library. At the time we ignored this advice with a passion as we had way to much studying to catch up on and no money to get food! We forget how hard it can sometimes be to take in information from the screen and how much more satisfying it is to go and get a book or a journal from the library to find some inspiration.

2. Put the smart phone down!

creative block from using a smartphone too much

Lets face it, we are not going to do much creative thinking scrolling down our Facebook and twitter feeds!

Adweek reports that the average person will spend more than five years of their lives on social media. (Study by influencer marketing agency, Mediakix)

3. Go for a walk.

Got creative block? go for a walk

It is used so many times to solve such an array of issues and many become skeptical of its effect; however, lets take a look at two key points to this:

  • We sit for many hours, usually in a small dark room, with our earphones in, blocking out the rest of the world, with our heads buried in our computers.
  • Going out for a walk instantly gives oxygen to the brain, which we need to think clearly.

It’s kind of a no brainer!?!

4. Visit a museum, show or exhibition

Many shows are viewed either through our TV screens, or via images and videos on our social media channels on our phones and computers.

(there is a pattern here!?!)

There is nothing more satisfying and inspirational than the feeling of inspiration from being up close and personal to works of art, artefacts and watching live shows. An experience you will never get through a screen.

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