American Horror Story AHS Cult Artwork

AHS Cult artwork clowns circling the title of this season 7
With the new season 7 premiering just last week, we immediately fell in love with and  repulsed by the new artwork for the show.

AHS cult promises to be the best yet with the opening episode focusing on the Trump election and the publics divided reactions on election night.

This season the very much-loved Sarah Poulson suffers with a number of phobias to quite an extreme level, yet we can only imagine what these phobias are like for people in reality and it must be a very scary experience.

The phobias included in this season of AHS Cult include; courophobia (a fear of clowns), hemophobia (a fear of blood) and trypophobia (a fear of irregular shapes and holes).

In true American Horror Story style, the artwork is amazingly graphic, colourful, beautiful and repulsive all at the same time.

AHS Cult facial artwork 1 represents bees, cult mentality and irregular holes phobia
Entertainment Weekly asked Todd Heughens, senior VP of print design at Fox, to give some insight into the design of American Horror Story Cults artwork;

“We were given the first two or three scripts, and in one of them, you learn that the neighbors keep bees. We immediately knew that was a symbol for a cult. Bees have a hive mentality. A cult has a hive mentality. There’s a leader. There’s the queen. There’s the woman who has the trypophobia texture to her skin. She has bee eyes, and she has these manipulative hands coming up over her head, and that represents the cult leader and manipulation and control of the people in his cult. There’s the image of the woman wearing that mask with the holes in it. The holes are all hexagons, so that again pulls from the hive, but it also pulls from trypophobia and bees, the anonymity of the hive mind. You’re giving up your individuality.”

AHS Cult facial artwork 1 represents bees, cult mentality and irregular holes phobia
AHS Cult facial artwork 1 represents bees, cult mentality and irregular holes phobia
AHS Cult facial artwork 4 holes for phobia in tongue
We absolutely love this seasons artwork and AHS Cult looks to be a very interesting one and we cannot wait for next weeks episode!

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