Current Web Design Trends

A silver Macbook on a desk stock image for web design trendsAs with most trends, they tend to come and go with a flick of the finger and more so in the world of design with every company, business and other organisations trying to get noticed in a sea of competition.

When it comes to web site design, the same applies and every few months new trends become the in thing so we have put together some of the current trends in web design that we are loving right now!

1. Minimalism

As the saying goes, “Less is more” and that is being used to an extreme level with some of the website design of the front end of 2017. Maaemo Restaurant  is a perfect example of this. They have the most calming motion video as their full screen image to their website and then a simple link to book a table in the top left corner and the hamburger menu icon in the top right.

2. Overlapping text and image

Behance have an amazing example of this on their community post about their year in review. The use of slightly overlapping text onto an image creates a strong focus point, without taking too much focus from the image used. It creates a perfect balance of type and Image.

Behance community post example of overlapping text web design trend a plane with a person stood infront

Behance community post example of overlapping text in web design trends a open books in an image with text

3. Bright & Colourful Gradients

Gradients are a big web design trend this year. Y7K Zurich are a really good example of this. The use a good balance of colour on a linear gradient and to make it that much more special, they have included a ‘responsive’ black shadow of a man. When you move your mouse around on screen the shadow moves with it! 

Gradient example for the hot web design trends of 2017 for y7k Zurich
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